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Conference Agenda & Registration

Posted 9 months ago by Faith Lynch

Don’t forget to register for the Spring LI Chapter 122 ANNA Conference!

Early Bird registration special open now!

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Speakers & Topics:

  • Pitfalls in Outpatient Dialysis
    Naveed Masani, MD
    NYU Winthrop Hospital

  • A Patients Perspective:
    Ed Budd’s Story Edward Budd, BA, MBA

  • Improving Quality of Life (QOL) for Hemodialysis: Patients with Cognitive Behavioral Strategies
    Shayan Shirazian, MD
    Columbia University Medical Center

  • CardioRenal Syndrome
    Christopher Caputo, MD
    Queen-Nassau Nephrology

  • Approach to Vascular Access in End Stage Renal Disease
    Georgios Spentzouris, MD
    NYU Winthrop Hospital

  • Quality Initiatives and Their Impact on Patient Outcomes
    Deborah Halinski, BSN, RN CNN, CPHQ
    NYU Winthrop Hospital