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ANNA LI Chapter #122 Scholarships!

Posted 8 months ago by Faith Lynch

Attention all Long Island Chapter members- we have great news! Our Spring Conference is scheduled for Wednesday May 16th, 2018- Mark your calendars! Discounted Early Bird special Registration is open for another week!!

And also.....Scholarships are back!

We are giving out (2) $1000.00 scholarships that will be announced at our May 16th, 2018 Spring Conference! The two scholarships are listed below:

  1. For an RN going back to school for HIGHER DEGREE - BSN or MSN
  2. For an LPN or PCT going back to school for Nursing

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates must apply for the scholarships by May 1st, 2018 with an essay as to why you deserve this scholarship.
  2. Current full member of ANNA, having been a member for a minimum of the last 1 year
  3. Actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services.
  4. Accepted or enrolled in a nursing program. (proof of acceptance/enrollment is required)


  1. Must serve on local ANNA #122 nursing board for 1 year, which includes attending 2 of our yearly conferences and attendance at business meetings which are held quarterly.
  2. Winner will be notified prior to conference

Please email all submissions to:

Best of luck to all applicants!!!!


- The #122 ANNA Board