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Members Wanted (ANNA LI Chapter Committee)

Posted over 2 years ago by Chukwuma Egbuziem

ANNA LI chapter committee is currently seeking the addition of four new committee members. Volunteers must be active members of ANNA, minimum 1 year membership. We are seeking candidates who are passionate about learning, teaching, and improving outcomes for patients in the Nephrology setting.  Candidates must be experienced with Nephrology and/or dialysis. Willing to learn, network, and contribute positively to the committee structure. Volunteers must be willing to meet and collaborate with fellow committee members in order to support and further the mission of ANNA. Meetings vary with chapter needs. Members should expect the following:

  • Provide ongoing input to the development of annual educational sessions
  • Collaborate with team members to maintain and develop web site applications
  • Enhance the presence of the Long Island chapter through networking events and educational sessions
  • Assist in annual documentation completion for charter maintenance and CEU applications
  • Provide update to National ANNA as required
  • Participate in ANNA updates and newsletter maintenance

Interested candidates should reply to:

Candice Halinski