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Posted over 1 year ago by Faith Lynch

ANNA knows it can be hard to find the time to attend chapter meetings. We want to help you participate with your chapter virtually and learn together online! Here’s our third program in our Virtual Learning Community – it’s FREE and easy to do.

Just watch a session, and participation in a discussion online. Your participation will help your chapter meet their educational meeting goals, and you will be able to chat and network with other ANNA members that live near you!


- Click HERE to watch the session.
- Click here to access the CE evaluation for this session – 1.00 contact hour available!

- For an additional .25 contact hours, answer the following questions with at least 3-4 sentence answers. Simply click “Reply to Discussion” on ANNA Connected so everyone can see your answers.  After you do this, you’ll receive information about obtaining additional CE.

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean when our patients have Band percents that are elevated?  And why do we worry?
  •  Have you ever had patients with reticulocyte counts that were off but you couldn't figure out why?  What did you do?
  •  What was the most interesting thing that was gleaned from this presentation?

Remember, this is about learning together.  The discussion provides an easy way to connect with other members virtually and gives you an opportunity to get even more out of the educational content we provide. Don’t feel nervous about responding. Our members are nurses like YOU!  We want to hear what you think, so talk it up! :)

Note to chapter officers – To receive recharter credit, at least 5 members must answer the discussion questions above by May 5, 2017 AND you must submit an Educational Meeting Summary form to document the meeting.

Happy Learning!